TriPort® Tactical Headset Series 2

nsn: 5965-01-612-5328
gsa: gs07f0232n

military studies show that reducing noise improves mission effectiveness. during mounted combat operations, the ability to communicate intelligibly within them becomes more and more important.

building on more than 22 years' experience in providing military headsets, bose continues the success of the triport tactical headset series 2. it is designed specifically for use in wheeled armored vehicles such as the stryker, mrap and hmmwv.

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Features and benefits

Full-spectrum noise reduction

Proprietary technologies allow a narrow profile earcup with full-spectrum noise reduction. The technology in Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headsets reduces environmental and mechanical ambient noise significantly, increasing safe exposure time more than tenfold over that provided by passive headsets. Redesigned control module supports both mounted and dismounted operations.

Comfortable fit

Narrow-profile earcups allow a comfortable fit with many ballistic helmets. In addition, the TriPort Tactical Headset Series 2 is up to 33% lighter than conventional noise reducing tactical headsets. The proprietary, ergonomic design of the ear cushions and the internal earcup volume ensure good fit over a wide range of head and ear sizes.

Talk-through capability

This user-selectable, binaural feature permits monitoring of the ambient sound environment. Crew members can disconnect from the vehicle intercom system and communicate with other crew members standing nearby or listen for threats—without removing their helmets. Internal circuitry prevents transmission of extremely loud noises, protecting the user.

Compatibility with CBRN protective equipment

The TriPort tactical headset may be operated with CBRN (chemical - biological - radiological - nuclear environments) protective masks, allowing the user to realize the benefits of clearer audio and noise reduction even in the most challenging environments.

Flexible boom microphone

The flexible boom allows easy, precise adjustment and may be mounted on the left or right earcup, depending on user preference. The modular design of the cable / boom microphone assembly facilitates field replacement and adaptation to different intercommunications systems.

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