T5 Tactical Headset

High noise levels in vehicles can affect situational awareness. And exposure to noise over time can induce fatigue and lead to temporary and permanent hearing loss. The Bose® T5 Tactical Headset offers an unsurpassed combination of full-spectrum noise reduction, comfortable fit and clear audio in an ergonomic and rugged form factor.

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Mission effectiveness. Improved

The T5 Tactical Headset offers clear, two-way communication through intercoms, radios and its talk-through feature, resulting in increased situational awareness for the user. The reduction of both continuous and impulse noise enables increased exposure time in loud vehicles and allows for better focus on mission-critical tasks and information. The dual communication version of the headset can support simultaneous communications with two different devices.

Its rugged yet intuitive design fits securely and comfortably under combat helmets, and can be used for both mounted and dismounted operations—with seamless transition between the two. The T5 Headset requires only limited training and allows for easy field upgrades.

Dual Communications Headset

The dual communication function allows for simultaneous connection to and operation with many vehicle intercoms, soldier radios, smartphones and tablets. Two portable radios or an intercom system and a portable radio could be connected and used simultaneously. When using two sources at one time, the headset will automatically separate audio into different earcups and provide slightly higher audio levels for the primary input. Users can monitor or use more than one audio source at any given time without having to connect and disconnect sources.

Intercom capability and modular design

The T5 Tactical Headset can be adapted to work with many different intercom systems, allowing it to be used in many international armies. Likewise, the modular design of the cable/boom microphone assembly allows adaptability to other systems and applications.

Talk-through with volume control

This user-selectable, binaural feature allows the user to monitor the ambient sound environment. Crew members can disconnect from the vehicle intercom system and communicate with other crew members standing nearby or listen for threats—without removing their helmets or headsets.

Volume controls allow the user to better focus on distant or quieter sounds in low-noise environments. Each earcup senses ambient sounds independently for greater directionality and detection, while the headset's internal circuitry prevents transmission of extremely loud noises for hearing protection.

Features/benefits at a glance

  • Proprietary acoustic headset structure maintains performance under real-world fit conditions
  • Improved noise reduction doubles the measured noise safe exposure time in typical wheeled vehicle noise environments compared to previous offerings
  • Battery-powered active noise reduction and talk-through volume control provide users with the ability to use the product in a variety of noise-filled environments
  • Excellent fit and ergonomics for use in and out of vehicles
  • Improved EMI performance reduces audio interference from jammers and other electronic sources
  • Rugged construction meant for demanding environments
  • Dual communication versions available for use with multiple communications devices

Dual Communications Control Module

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