Combat Vehicle Crewman Headset

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in 1993, bose became the first company to supply an active noise reduction system to the us army for their armored vehicle crews. designed specifically for use in tracked armored vehicles such as the m-1 abrams tank and the bradley fighting vehicle, our latest generation bose® combat vehicle crewman headset offers the following features and benefits, which result from more than ten years' experience providing headsets for armored forces worldwide.


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Features and benefits

Better speech intelligibility

Bose technology in Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headsets improves speech intelligibility scores to 95% at noise levels of 115dBA SPL, compared to 80% in conventional headsets. (Source: USAF AL data.)

Full-spectrum noise reduction

Unlike many conventional passive noise reduction headsets, the Combat Vehicle Crewman headset provides excellent attenuation in the critical lower frequencies where vehicle noise predominates, resulting in increased safe exposure time.

Comfortable fit

Ergonomic design features, including proprietary dual-seal ear cushions and large-volume earcups, ensure a comfortable fit over a wide range of head and ear sizes.

Talk-through capability

This user-selectable, binaural feature permits monitoring of the ambient sound environment when desired. Crewmen can disconnect from the vehicle intercom system and communicate with other crewmen standing nearby—without removing their helmets. Internal circuitry prevents transmission of extremely loud noises, protecting the user.

Flexible boom microphone

The flexible-mount noise cancelling boom microphone assembly allows precise adjustments that stay in place.

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