Open office plans are great for collaboration—and distraction

Open office plans are great for collaboration—and distraction.

If you’re reading this article at work, you’re probably working in an open office. You’re probably feeling like you can’t accomplish anything until Mike gets off that loud sales call. Or until Ashley and Chris stop giggling over that show they’re both binge-watching. Or until half a dozen other distractions stop distracting you.

While the upsides of open office plans are clear—collaboration, camaraderie, energy and if you’re lucky, some natural light from that window far across the room—the downsides are clear, too. In a 2018 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, researchers’ found that employees in open offices were bothered by noise, including the conversations of their co-workers. This, in turn, led to an increase in worker stress and a decrease in their ability to collaborate. So if you feel like you’re avoiding Mike, Ashley and Chris at work, you probably are.

Of course, if you’re like most people, you can’t choose your own office plan. But you can choose how to work within it. The key to getting your work done is staying in a state of flow, especially by minimising interruptions while you move from task to task. Here’s how Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 with Bluetooth® can help you do just that.

Start by putting them on first thing in the morning—wearing headphones signals that you’re trying to concentrate. Playing a favourite playlist can minimise the distractions of your noisy surroundings, too (When you really need to focus, try familiar music with no vocals). Whatever you’re listening to, the Headphones 700’s active equalisation technology makes it a rich, immersive experience. Meanwhile, the headphones’ noise-cancelling technology works so well in open offices because it detects the noise surrounding you and emits an opposing electronic signal that effectively “cancels” it.

Some interruptions are unavoidable, however. But when a coworker stops by to talk, don’t waste time taking your Headphones 700 off—the noise cancelling is fully adjustable. The highest setting delivers the most powerful silence, while the lowest lets you hear everything like you aren’t wearing headphones at all, so you can set a level that works best for how you work. And for quick chats, Conversation Mode pauses your audio content and your noise cancelling simultaneously—so you can let your boss know your project’s right on schedule and then pick up right where you left off.

While Bose headphones are renowned for making your music sound great, Headphones 700 make your voice sound great, too. (Your speaking voice, that is. When it comes to singing, you’re on your own.) When you need to make a phone call, microphones embedded in the earcups isolate your voice from office background noise—like Ashley and Chris’s laughter—so the person you’re talking with will hear you loud and clear, and not them.

The open office design may not be the best thing for focused work, but with the right noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, you can go back to liking your co-workers, your job and maybe even your open office.


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