About Bose Automotive systems

Moved by Better Sound

Better sound. At Bose Corporation, that’s always been our goal. Now Bose Automotive is introducing a new family of systems enabling us to deliver better sound in a broad range of vehicle segments around the globe.

Bose knows that hearing music the way the artist intended it to be heard brings joy to every listener. Now people buying their very first car, families deciding on the “extras” in their next new vehicle, and those able to choose very exclusive automobiles can all find a Bose sound system meant specifically for them.

Advanced Technology Series

where innovation and aesthetics meet in rarefied air.

with the most discerning consumers in mind, bose has created the advanced technology series to showcase our newest innovations, highlighted through the craftsmanship of each vehicle's thoughtfully designed interior.

each sound system—exclusive to the manufacturer bold enough to commit to deep collaboration with us—requires a unique architecture incorporating an unprecedented combination of technical innovation, acoustic accuracy and impact.

the bose® panaray® sound system will be our first advanced technology series offering—available in the cadillac ct6.