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In-ear detection

In-ear detection uses sensors to identify when you’re wearing the earbuds. You can automatically play/pause audio, answer phone calls, and adjust noise cancellation by inserting or removing an earbud.

In-ear detection features include:

Auto Play/Pause - When you remove an earbud, audio pauses on both earbuds. To resume audio, reinsert the earbud.
NOTE: If you want to use a single earbud, you can tap the earbud in your ear to resume audio.

Auto Answer Call - You can answer phone calls by inserting an earbud.
NOTE: To enable this feature, use the Bose Music app. You can access this option from the Settings menu.

Auto Transparency - When you remove an earbud, the noise cancelling mode adjusts to Aware Mode on the earbud in your other ear. When you reinsert the earbud, the earbud in your ear adjusts to the previous noise cancelling level.
NOTE: If you want to use a single earbud, you can use your Shortcut to cycle through the noise cancelling modes and choose the appropriate mode.

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