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Sound and video out of sync

If the video on the TV or device you are watching does not match up with the corresponding audio you are hearing from your product, try the following

Please use the most recent software for Bluetooth devices, Bose headphones, and 3rd party mobile apps

Some Bluetooth devices do not fully support Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol (AVDTP) version 1.3 or later. We have confirmed Apple iPhones, iPads and some Android devices use this protocol and we continue to evaluate other popular Bluetooth devices. However, Audio video synchronization may also vary depending on the mobile app being viewed (e.g. Netflix, YouTube). Additionally, if you continue to have AV Sync issues, try playing the video on the mobile device's local browser, such as Safari or Google Chrome, or a locally stored video on your mobile device (photo library).

If audio and video is out of sync:

Try the following:

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