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Bose Smart Soundbar 900

Sold from 2022 – present

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Speaker placement and positioning

Speaker placement can affect how your system sounds in the listening area. Get tips on positioning your speakers for the best sound quality.

Placement Suggestions:

Recommended Placement:
  • Place the soundbar below and in front of the TV
  • Position the front of the soundbar as close as possible to the front edge of the shelf or stand for best sound quality
  • Make sure the speakers on top of the soundbar are not blocked
  • Place the soundbar outside of and away from metal cabinets, other audio/video components, and direct heat sources
  • Keep the back side of the soundbar at least 0.4 in (1 cm) from any other surface. Blocking the rear ports will affect sound quality
  • To avoid wireless interference, keep other wireless equipment at least 1 - 3 ft (0.3 - 0.9 m) away from the soundbar. High-powered Wi-Fi router or access point may need to be placed up to 8 - 10 ft (2.4 - 3.0 m) away from the soundbar, optional bass module, and optional surround speakers
  • For best sound quality, do not place the soundbar in an enclosed cabinet or diagonally in a corner
  • Do not place any objects on top of the soundbar
soundbar positioned close to the front edge of the furniture

Wall Mounting:
  • When the soundbar is mounted to the wall, make sure the top of the soundbar is at least 4 inches (10 cm) away from the TV
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