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Operating your system

Controlling the power

on the remote, press power to turn the system on. if the system is connected to your wi-fi® network (solid blue wi-fi® indicator), you can also turn it on by streaming airplay® audio. press power again to turn the system off (put in standby)


Note: When the SoundLink® Air system is turned off, it will maintain a connection with your Wi-Fi® network (if connected) for 30 minutes, and the system’s Wi-Fi® indicator will remain solid blue but dimmed. After 30 minutes of no activity, the system will automatically go into standby mode, ending the connection with your Wi-Fi® network.

Controlling the volume

on the remote, use the volume up and volume down to increase and decrease the system volume. press mute to silence the system; press it again to restore the sound. when muted, the front panel mute icon glows white.

Volume up

Volume down


Mute icon

note: the front panel indicator for the selected source blinks with every button press to verify the command.


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