Charity sale of Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

Charity sale of Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker 無線流動揚聲器 名人特別版慈善拍賣

During the launch of the new BOSE® SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker, we have specially invited two celebrity singers, Ms Fiona Sit and Mr Chau Pak Ho to design and personalize covers of two of the speakers for charity sale.


These two covers have been debuted in our earlier press conference. Fiona and Pak Ho have made their very unique interpretation on music with their illustrations.




With the theme of A girl's musical dream, Fiona has made an impressive and skillful design on the cover.  
周柏豪先生設計及手繪,以MUSIC IS MILKSHAKE 為主題的封面。


Pak Ho said his love of music is similar to his love of milkshake when he was young; an interesting theme with colorful layout.  

These two speakers will be exhibited and toured in BOSE® stores in Hong Kong from now on. They will be available for charity auction at Yahoo! Auction in early December 2011. All the money collected will be donated to Otic Foundation; a charitable organization with a mission to raise the awareness of hearing healthcare and communicative disorders, as well as to provide practical and technological assistance for the hearing impaired.

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Supporting Organizations:
Otic Foundation
Warner Nusic Hong Kong
Yahoo! 拍賣